Friday, March 15, 2013

Nicolas Hoult

Do you guys remember this guy?

yes, it's Nicholas Hoult

he was rather lucky to play next to Hugh Grand in About A Boy(2002)


time goes quick, we change, people change and Hoult CHANGED as fuck!

is it something about English guys that from chubby boys they turn into handsome man ?

let's look again at Matthew Lewis in Harry Potter!

What the hell ?


Spring ! I Want You ...

... and I want all this below !

I decided to show you inspiring photos with the coolest stuff for this spring and in general ;)


two shirts, one for your friend
get this frekin' car-boat
in any little emergancy situation
more flowers!
they even match light purple nail polish
lovely color combination
love her simple shirt with a slash of glitter and rainbow 

how to make these ?
I love this skirt! It's old school. I feel kind of 'American Summer' atmosphere
I think I'll just cut out a heart in one of my sweaters
I want to see this on my IPhone

these flowery Ray-Bans
I need this ocean shirt
Fight Club Soap anyone? 
love those vintage sandals
... and this Indian sweater
can't get enough of lace
glitter Nike shoes <3